Funky Legacy/Dieu Du Ciel’s Dernière Volonté

Ok beer review #3 and another polarizing choice. So yeah, brettanomyces… the wild yeast that causes reviewers to say the word funk more than James Brown did. Let’s go with the musical analogy for a little longer.

Rick, Bootsy and James

Funk/psychadelia can be a powerful weapon in the right hands, think of someone like Bootsy Collins, who embodied that Motown groove and then just took off to outer space with it.  Then you can hand the funk down to someone else and get something like Stu Hamm. Ok no offense to Stu Hamm, he is a phenomenal player, it’s just too steeped in comfort and forced for me.

I feel that way about my experiences with Brett. In the right hands you get really special beers where there is integration and balance with just enough strange, to get your mind guessing.

On the other hand we have this beer.


Nose: Bad charcuterie, moist gym bag, salami, the hops smell like a ganja fiend. Moldy lemon slices also a floral musky scent.

Mouth: spicy, strange and sharp. Grapefruit, curdled milk, astringent citrus pith.

This is an interesting experience, not something I could see myself consuming with any regularity. Again I’m not Brett-phobic, I just don’t get enough wow overall to wade through the tang of that dank funk.

Grade: C+

I have a theory some of the more successful brett beers are ones that have been blended with a mix of new and old batches or refermented with fruits. It removes some of the uncertainty in the result.