More beer chronicles…One of the defining characteristics of the “craft” scene is the willingness to experiment. There is a joyful feeling in the discovery of something new or unusual that is sure to become your new favourite. For some though all this brouhaha can be quite unsettling. 

I am quick to embrace new ideas in food or spirits, I like learning about the thought process behind things, the mechanics of creativity. That said, at times when a certain fashion dominates the scene (superhops, Brett, lactic fermentation) it can feel like you’ve lost your bearings, things start to feel unfamiliar and confusing. I often find myself slackjawed with decision fatigue in front of beer shelves these days.

Thankfully beer is a fairly affordable vice and so it’s perhaps best to jump in and be daring. Grab that label that catches your eye or that ridiculous named concoction. You might be surprised. 

I am still inexperienced when it comes to Gose as a beer style, I have tried a few but don’t have any familiar reference points. Almost like a Berliner Weisse in composition, the salinity (whether naturally occurring or not) is a defining characteristic of this beer.

Nose: malty, grassy, there is something slightly floral, a wee bit of apricots. 

Palate: pleasing fruits, bitterness and grains dance together. Like an orange creamsicle but with rich malt and lemon zing. Sharp and crystalline, the salinity is well balanced. There is a an edge, a little like passion fruit and lemon. 

The finish is a bit short, the lactic tang and pleasant bitterness keeps the grains from being too heavy and makes it thirst quenching. 



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