whiskynite 2-16whiskynite 2-6

Our second meeting of the now christened “Elegant Bastards Whisky Club” came together lightning quick, on November 27th, 3 weeks after our initial soirée and it proved to be a great night barring a migraine attack for Bruno at the end.

On the roster was AnCnoc 12 & Glendronach 15, with a return on Bruichladdie Laddie classic & Aberlour A’bunadh batch 50.


Our gracious hosts for this session Dominique & Eric had the great inspiration to expand on our initial offering of cheese, crackers & charcuterie and throw in crudités and dip  and some hummus. I think this was brilliant in that it helped slow things down and get everyone chatting and creating a more natural rhythm to tasting.

This evening sticks in my mind as being a demonstration of what this whisky journey means most to me. Beyond the sensory journey is the one of camaraderie, sharing and connection. Our group is a motley one, coming from all walks of life and types of characters yet a common ground is found and all walls and separations fall away.


AnCnoc 12 shows great potential in it’s nose, it’s got this nectar, peppery/ginger thing happening but loses steam on the palate.

Glendronach 15 gets everyone fired up, causing Patrik to shout out “Shoryuken” like Ken in Street Fighter II. It has a great Sherry profile yet provides a little something meaty and structured under all that dried fruit profile.


In just one session we come to realize how our taste buds and the whisky can evolve when everyone decides that Classic Laddie doesn’t wow as much as the first time.

whiskynite 2-18

Another great night all around.


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