spikelee brooklyn

Isle of Jura Brooklyn

42% ABV

Score: 81/100


The concept of this whisky is a bit of a head scratcher to me, no matter what the marketing blurb says I don’t really see the parallel between Brooklyn and Jura. Although I suppose this is a good way to get a certain age bracket or crowd (ahem* Hipsters) interested in scotch.

It’s an NAS bottling probably because there is some younger juice in there but again if you’re proud of this bottling and it taste great the public won’t care, unless you want to charge an arm and a leg for really under-evaluated components. This is a good case for a change in regulation. If all the components of a whisky we’re displayed you could let them know the exact proportion of older and younger casks, allowing the consumer to understand what it is you are trying to achieve in your end product. It’s a combination of bourbon, amoroso/oloroso sherry, and pinot noir wine casks, no info on the proportion (at the time of tasting and notes I did not know of the casks used)

county of kings

Nose:  Leather, peat smoke, malty almost Ovaltine like, shoe polish, honeyed almonds, orange oil, dusty oak, dark fruits.

Palate: Light earthy peat, medicinal & camphor but just a touch, tobacco, blood oranges, dark chocolate and a slight drying astringency. With time the peat calms down and brown sugar and fruitcake appear.

The finish is medium in length, focusing more on smoke, raisins, and dark fruit filling. almost like a mashup of dark chocolate and wine flavoured cigar. The texture is thin but the alcohol is vaporous, almost  brandy or cognac like. I would have liked to see this at 50% or even 46%.

This whisky is a bit of a workout, it jumps a bit between styles without really being defined by one, I think this might be due to some cask play or wood technology as some call it (confirmed). That’s not really so much a flaw here as making it difficult to peg, but like some band who just won’t be pigeonholed. In a totally corny move I would say it makes me think of Britt Daniels from Spoon.


I think this release has a lot of potential even though it lands short, it could help Jura regain some of it’s shine.


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