Was a sentence I uttered to Ali when he introduced me to a friend of his who despite looking like a thug, happened to describe a wine with such eloquence that defied any impressions you might have of the man from his exterior.

The idea of forming a little whisky club was cemented after a few different concepts converged together.

I first learned of an interesting format for a small whisky appreciation club from Jonah at Still Crapulent/after all these years (whose writing is eloquent and funny) I thought the proposal was so simple and perfect to get something started but then had to find the requisite participants.

My brother (bless him) probably heard me wax on about this idea numerous times over a dram this past summer. Initially I had trouble locating willing participants. Things somehow fell into place when Mr. Eric “Toofar” Bolduc had an ace up his sleeve.

Things came together quickly and after our first meeting it was clear we had an interesting band assembled.

The best part is the lack of pretension & open-mindedness of it. Everyone has a varying degree of knowledge or experience but all bring something to the table. I’ve been surprised more than once by someone being able to articulate that elusive smell, taste or feeling that I was chasing after.

The rules are simple : “don’t’ let anyone tell you how to drink your whisky”, “be respectful” and “keep and open mind”. We try great whisky, have a shit-ton of laughs and all get to take turns hosting.

It is my goal to showcase everyone’s reviews and show the different personality of the Elegant bastards’s in question in time.




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