Glengoyne Cask Strength Batch 4

Glengoyne Cask Strength Batch # 4 58.8% ABV. 78/100 My colleague Charles had the pleasure of visiting Scotland last summer. The nature of his trip did not allow him the leisure to do much whisky related tourism but while in Glasgow the opportunity arose and he headed to Glengoyne to soak in as much as […]

Redbreast 12

Redbreast 12 yrs old 40% ABV 79/100 The Irish whisky market is drastically different than that of Scotland, beyond the differences in production style (triple distillation, grains, pure pot, single pot) The situation was born out of consolidation that created a monopoly of just a few large distillers to remain in action. With all the […]

Nikka Taketsuru

Nikka Taketsuru “Pure Malt NAS” 43% Alc/vol 80/100 The craze for Japanese whisky is still in full swing, some blame Jim Murray’s 2014 proclamation that Japanese Whisky was the best in the world as one of the catalysts for this state of affairs, as much as he at times deserves the bashing, we can’t blame Sauron […]

Aberlour 12

Aberlour 12 40% abv. 83/100 Other than the cask strength heavy hitter that is A’bunadh, the regular stable of releases from Aberlour tend to get shortchanged. It’s not a heavily marketed whisky but I know that it is a very lucrative operation for owners Pernod-Ricard What is interesting about Aberlour is that along with Glenfarclas […]